A Moment in History

Black Hope Personified

Black Hope Personified

Through periods in our country United States has always been able to signify pain and struggle with change and prosperity. The country has encountered many obstacles and trials, and the current economic crisis is one of those unfortunate event that have infuriated many of the citizens within our nation. For years the economy has been in ruins, and recently it has reported that we are officially now in an economic state of recession which is meant to surprise (supposedly). Did all the jobs being lost and government spending not tip anybody off? You have to also look at the historic rise in gas prices from the Big Oil and not to mention the increase in fear of another terrorist attack quite similar to that of 9/11, (you can look at the recent attacks in India for confirmation of that fear) to understand the state of panic that the country is in. Despite all that is going on in what seems to be the end of the times, one cannot forget the buzz from election night, that our country now has the first ever black president, Barack Obama.

Significant Past 
Long before being elected the next president of the United States Barack Obama was a senator in Illinois. A graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, he broke racial barriers before he even came on the national scene by becoming the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. Eventually while working as a community organizer and a civil rights attorney he won a primary victory in March of 2004 to become part of U.S Senate where he would see a rise in attention and set stage for his presidential campaign and later on, election. 

 ”From Hip Hop to left wing Hollywood, the election of Obama has unified people on all fronts . . .”  

It seems like the gods planned all these events like the dwindling economy or the increase in terrorism activity as a way to help usher the arrival of president Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States. Yet still with all due respect one still has to acknowledge the significance of this election has more to do with Obama’s skin color than his resume. If he was caucassian this would just be another presidential election with people being cynical and wondering if there vote was truly necessary. Hopefully November 4, 2008 proved all those that yet their vote still counted in a world where government would be so willing to wipe out hundreds of billions dollars of corporate debt and bad business management than give money to support healthcare and job stability in an economic stimulus plan to the United States citizens.  

Hope                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Heaven sent or not this past presidential election has proved beneficial in many ways. With the potential of change on the horizon and the possibility of changing US race relations, voters turned out in droves leading it to becoming the biggest turn out in US history. A sense of unification has even been noticed when still despite the Republicans defeat they took pride in the recent elections and were honered as Americans to see a black man finally elected president. Even Obama detractors were moved, given the sight of Reverand Jesse Jackson as an example, who drenched in tears could not hold back the emotions that has been built up from the embarrassing times of our countries Civil Rights era. 

From Hip Hop to left wing Hollywood, the election of Obama has unified people on all fronts, well at least for one night, and it seemed like there were no more partying and it was all done but on the day of President Obama’s inauguration: January 20, 2009, the partying just continued.

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